4 Workouts you can do in your Swimsuit

4 Workouts you can do in your Swimsuit

Love your new Fit Swimwear so much you don't want to take it off? We understand. The good news is that you can wear your swimsuit out of the pool too! Since our Swimwear is contains Xtra Life Lycra - Fit swimsuits maintain their compression power wear after wear, allowing you freedom of movement with amazing support so you can focus on your performance. Think of them like a beautifully illustrated second skin!



Since we know that our Fit community love to live an active lifestyle we decided to inspire you to wear your swimsuit during your next workout! Let's get moving... 



1. Yoga



A natural first - when Speedo released their H2O Active range, with the campaign featuring their models in a variety of Yoga poses, we've been practising yoga in our Fit Swimwear ever since. 



2. Pilates 



Another fairly obvious suggestion would be pilates. Not only is it a great, intense workout which focuses on strength, flexibility and endurance movements, but it also requires minimal equipment and is low-impact. No sports bra required!  



3. Circuit Training



Similar to HIIT, circuit training incorporates a variety of different exercises to raise your heart rate and tone up your entire body in a short amount of time. A few idea's for your workout could be jumping jacks, press ups, crunches and squats.



4. Barre 



Barre is having a bit of a moment right now - the ballet inspired workout aims to elongate and stretch your limbs while elevating your heart rate, relying on focussed control of your muscles to tone and strengthen. The great part is that there are plenty of workouts available for free online which require zero equipment!






Give it a try - all you need is your Fit Swimsuit!