Are Livestream home workouts the “new normal”?

Are Livestream home workouts the “new normal”?

Home Online Workouts

Working out and staying fit is usually a breeze, but in the midst of a pandemic, it’s harder than ever to get our exercise in or frankly to find motivation! Luckily for us, gyms and trainers are adapting to the “new normal” and providing online workouts for us!

Whilst the news of closures in many countries is devastating for businesses, it is also tough for people who rely heavily on interaction and motivation from trainers for not only their physical but their mental health.

That is why Aussie World Champion Jiu Jitsu Fighter, Sophia McDermott (SophiaFIT), has taken this opportunity by its horns and has launched live stream home workouts to help her community keep active, strong and connected. To delve a little deeper into Sophia’s career, she is a multiple time Australian, Pan American and World Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the 1st female to be awarded a black belt, a Figure champion and the Overall Unlimited Champion in the NPC Federation in the USA! To top that off, Sophia is also certified with National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Trainer and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Pretty impressive to say the least!

Sophia is a published health and well-being columnist, a qualified personal trainer/coach, world champion athlete, mum of two. She's also the sister of Lulu who is the founder of our brand Fit Aesthetica. 

Sophia has written articles that have been published in sports science journals and magazines throughout Australia, USA and the UK. She is determined to share her years of expertise as an athlete and a fitness profession through her livestream workouts and weekly newsletters that are packed with delicious recipes and healthy hacks.

Inspired by her Jiu Jitsu background, each fitness workout focuses on a different muscle group or a different aspect of strength/fitness to help her community feel energised! You will absolutely sweat and feel a burn. But you’ll probably also be grinning too. Each of Sophia’s workout start with a warmup, a vigorous exercise routine and a cool down relaxation stretch with some breathing to help de-stress during these crazy times. 

We excited to launch a health hack series with Sophia, where she will be spilling the tea on how to stay fit, healthy and happy through this time! To kick the series off here are a few reasons why Sophia’s Live Stream athletic home workouts is a great option for self-isolation. We are also very proud to announce Sophia as an official Ambassador for Fit Aesthetica. As an ambassador Sophia will help bring awareness to Fit Aesthetica along with being the first to wear our new swimwear collections.


Social Connection

SophiaFIT | Home Workouts

As human beings we thrive off social interaction, so being stuck at home is fun for a day or two but after the thrill of it wears off, it gets tough. Sophia’s private Facebook group, where her daily Jiu Jitsu live home workouts are hosted, is a place where her community can check in everyday and feel supported. Facebook Live stream workouts allow the opportunity for real time interaction amongst your community and can prove to be a driving force behind boosting motivation.

 Online social connection will become the norm for the time being, so we need to learn to embrace the digital sphere. Sophia’s Facebook community is updated daily not only by Sophia but by her community. Whether it’s a funny meme or motivational story, daily snippets of social engagement will keep you mentally strong.

For your health

Online Mat Workouts

Just because we have to stay in, doesn’t mean we can’t stay active. Sophia is transforming your living room into your new gym. Simply roll out of bed, stroll to your living room and complete the workout in your pjs! Sustaining your health and fitness will play a huge role in keeping you mentally strong and it’s no secret that working out can help manage anxiety. Sophia encourages her community to maintain their regular daily workout schedule to help them to continue to achieve their health and fitness goals.

As for nutrition, we all know it goes hand in hand fitness and especially with Sophia’s killer Jiu Jitsu inspired workouts. With years of experience and knowledge, Sophia couldn’t stress enough the importance of ensuring you are consuming wholesome, nourishing food. This is not a time to fall off the bandwagon, instead let’s all ride it together and we will become stronger, healthier people.

Remember, staying active has been scientifically proven to benefit your mood and overall wellbeing, thanks to your ‘happy hormone’ endorphins you release when you get your heart rate up and you will definitely be reaping those happy vibes from Sophia’s online mat workouts.

Keep yourself accountable

Rather than letting the isolation scare you, why not instead, try and embrace it as an opportunity to get your sweat on with new, at-home workouts you’ve never tried before, incorporate more simplistic healthy habits into your daily routine and mix things up a little.

Keeping a daily routine can prove to be the key to succeeding at isolation. Sophia’s daily live stream mat workouts can help hold you accountable to your plans to exercise whilst giving you structure and motivation! Another positive of live on-demand workouts is that Sophia is by your side for the whole 60 minutes, she is feeling the burn

This is a difficult time for everyone so why not make exercise on less mental burden. While you can’t high five your gym buddy, you know there are others doing the same workout you are — at the same time. Plus, it will help invite some normalcy back into your life. 

If you’re looking for silver linings, the fact that people are trying something new and who knows, maybe streaming live workouts will be the new Netflix!!

To sign up for Sophia’s Free Online Fitness Workout click here and subscribe to Sophia’s Newsletter’s here. And keep your eyes peeled on Fit Aesthetica’s socials for tips from Sophia.