Earth Day 2019: How To Get Involved

Earth Day 2019: How To Get Involved

This coming Monday 22nd April is Earth Day! Now in its 49th year, Earth Day is a global initiative that encourages us all to take action towards creating a more sustainable planet.

One of their biggest focus' is combatting plastic pollution, especially from single-use plastics. Here are some simple things you can do to get involved (on Earth Day and everyday):

  • Bring your own reusable water bottle and coffee cup.
  • Bring your own grocery bags and produce bags.
  • Buy loose, package-free food (you can find it at farmer's markets, bulk and health food stores, and even in some parts of supermarkets).
  • Like straws? Go for a reusable option instead, like those made from metal, glass or bamboo.
  • Getting takeaway food? Many places will let you bring your own container (be it for a takeaway salad, pasta, curry or even frozen yogurt / ice-cream. Pro-tip: frozen desserts work well in reusable coffee cups!) If you're at a restaurant and think you might have leftovers you could also bring along a container.
  • Make your own cleaning products: natural, plant-based items like bicarb soda, white vinegar, lemon and essential oils (tea tree, lavender, clove etc) can work wonders.
  • Look for plastic-free beauty products, such as soap and shampoo bars, or cosmetics packed in glass.

If you want to learn more about Earth Day, you can do so here.
Or perhaps try out their plastic calculator to track how much plastic you use.

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