Find the Best Swimwear for Your Body Type

Find the Best Swimwear for Your Body Type

We’re all about loving yourself, and your body, no matter what shape or size it is. While we believe every body is a bikini body, we get that sometimes it takes a little work to feel confident in your swimsuit. But rather than giving up, and missing out on all the fun, we’ve put together this list of some cute swimsuits that will flatter and compliment your gorgeous bikini body, so you can get some sun, totally carefree.



Larger cup sizes

Women’s swimsuits haven’t always been kind to bustier women. While some offer coverage, it can be hard to find bikinis, or even one piece bathing suits, that have enough support to put your mind at ease. If you’re looking for more conservative coverage, we’d recommend a high neck swimsuit like a halter neck.



A higher neck means you won’t be exposing your assets to the world every time a wave knocks you down. The extra security provides the support you need, and the peace of mind. That being said, if you are looking to flaunt what you’ve got (and why wouldn’t you?) you could try a zip front crop.



The zip front is great because it has a customisable level of exposure and allows you the choice of having a bit more freedom while tanning, and a bit more coverage while riding the waves. The thicker straps, and full coverage back will also take the weight off your shoulders in the way that a spaghetti strap won’t.


Smaller cup sizes


As far as support goes, most swimsuits should have you covered. But if you’re looking to add a bit of extra size there are definitely options that will do the job well, and with style. Textured swimsuits are coming back big time, and there’s nothing better than a shirred swimsuit to add volume to your two favourite girls. A vibrant print accentuates this even more, which is why the example below is such a winner.



If textured isn’t your thing, there are always other classic options to add a bit of oomf. While ruffles may seem a bit out of fashion, there are a lot of modern takes out there that are flattering and stylish.



Big butt

A larger butt, despite being very in fashion, can actually be quite hard to shop for. This is especially true when looking for swimwear. A lot of modern styles tend to flaunt a bit of butt, but if you already have some extra, then the standard bikini bottoms may leave you feeling over exposed. That’s why a full coverage bikini bottom, or one piece swimsuit should give you a good balance between fuller coverage, and a flattering cut.


Alternatively, if you’re happy to flaunt what you’ve got, go for an 80s style one piece swimsuit that sits higher on the hips. A high waisted swimsuit is a great way to accentuate your natural curves, and give a cheeky peek too.



Small butt

As trendy as big butts are at the moment, we haven’t forgotten the rest of you out there. If your looking to create the illusion of a bit of extra size there are a few great options to try. While it may seem counter-productive, showing more is actually a great way to get maximum results. By wearing g-string cut bikini bottoms, your allowing the garment to create an artificial shape around your butt, which can add a roundness you may not have naturally.



But if baring all isn’t your thing, you can cover up and still achieve the same result. Bikini bottoms with a ruffled edge, and maybe vertical detailing on the back, will give you some extra texture and create the look you’re going for.



Straight body

While Kim Kardashian provides a lot of inspo for more curvaceous women, Kendall Jenner is around to represent all the slim girls out there. One of her best tricks to create a softer curve, is extremely high cut swimsuits. By having the swimsuit sit higher up, her hips are exaggerated and her waist is slimmed.



But, if a high cut has you feeling a bit exposed, there are other options to add a bit of curve to your body. A cut out swimsuit will also create this look, by drawing attention to your top and bottom, and slimming your waist.




Just because you’d rather stay covered up, doesn’t mean you can’t still look good. If you’re interested in a more modest look, we’d suggest going retro. While you don’t see them often, the swim-dress is still a bold, and stylish choice.

But if retro isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with a classic long sleeve swimsuit. There’s something sexy and exciting about showing less in swimwear, and long sleeves and a zip front are best way to do it.


Tummy control

If you’d rather forget about your tummy while you enjoy the sand and the sea, then you’re in luck. High waisted bikini bottoms are back, and they’re the perfect option. In particular, aim for something that has a close fit or accent around the waist, as it will give the appearance of a smaller waist, and add a bit of extra curve.



Short legs

If you’re looking to make your legs appear longer, the key is to avoid highlighting or overexposing your torso area. If you wear something that sits a bit higher on the hip, and has a higher waist, it will give the appearance of a shorter torso and longer legs.



Broad shoulders

Swimwear tends to really expose the arm and shoulder areas, and so if you’re trying to downplay broader shoulders, it can be hard to find something flattering. But fear not, we have the solution. A deep V cut neckline, will draw the eye downwards, and by adding vertical lines, the horizontal lines of your shoulders will be softened.



And of course, the deeper the neckline, the bigger the distraction.