How To Keep Healthy During Holiday Season

How To Keep Healthy During Holiday Season

Holiday Season is usually the time for a little overindulgence and celebration – feasts and toasts and spending time with loved ones can often lead to a little bit of neglect when it comes to our health. Nobody wants to feel like they need to start the new year detoxing so we put together our favourite tips for staying (relatively) healthy during the Holiday Season!


  1. Watch your portion sizes

Yes we know you want a second serving of those glorious roast potatoes but try to resist! Overeating can cause a whole bunch of problems including indigestion and Gastroesophageal Reflux. Try to be aware while you’re eating, take your time and drink plenty of water – it takes around 20 minutes for your brain to register that you’re full!


  1. Limit alcohol consumption

Not only does alcohol have an adverse effect on the body in the form of hangovers, include a bunch of “empty” calories per glass and dehydrate you, alcohol tends to affect our decision making, which mean’s you will definitely be reaching for that extra mince pie.


  1. Prevent illness!

Whether it’s flu or food poisoning, ensure you are taking the necessary precautions such as washing your hands and being vigilant during food preparation will protect you from spending the majority of the Holiday’s in bed feeling awful.


  1. Stay active and allow some time to yourself

Some may find this time of year overwhelming, so a great way to look after yourself physically and mentally is to ensure you are taking time out of the celebrations to relax and unwind by yourself, we suggest doing this with some exercise! A quick workout (perhaps a swim?) or going for a walk will release all the fabulous hormones that make you feel happier and ensure you’re getting your recommended exercise.


Remember that a healthy lifestyle is about moderation, so don’t deprive yourself – relax and enjoy the Holiday Season!