FiT tips for staying hydrated

FiT tips for staying hydrated

Water is necessary to survive. Fact. We all know that your body functions at it's best when it's hydrated, however we don't always consume enough for our bodies to perform at their highest level. We know that many of our reader's live active lifestyles which require optimal physical health, so we've put together some tips to up your water intake! 


1. Carry a bottle of water with you or keep one in eyesight.

Having a physical or visual reminder will help ensure that you're regularly drinking - sipping throughout the day is the best way to reach your intake goals!


2. Download an App or set reminders on your phone.

A great way to make sure you don't forget about your water intake is to set reminders on your phone, there are even apps developed specifically to help with this. You can even set goals for how much you want to drink by a certain time with this method, for example 3 glasses by lunch. It's recommended to sip throughout the day rather than to drink your recommended intake in one go, so this is a great way to monitor that. 


3. Infuse your water with fruit or herbs 

If you find water boring a good way of incentivising yourself to up your intake is by using fruit or herbs to infuse your water, there are many combinations you can find on the internet - but we recommend adding a few slices of Lemon or some Mint leaves!


4. Eat your water! 

 Yep - you read that right. Another way to make sure you're getting enough H2O is to include foods that are naturally very hydrating, such as Watermelon or Cucumber. 


So hydrate away! Your body will thank you.