One of the main focuses this year at FiTHQ is to focus a lot on health and fitness. Our FiT Swimwear is designed not only for the fit and fun athlete but the fit and fun everyday woman. As such, we've listed some FiT worthy year round activities that will take you from the pool to the beach, or even to the spa ;) #treatyoself.

1. Beach sprints followed by a dip in the salty water

I always find it's easier to motivate myself to do something when there's a big reward at the end. A literal light at the end of the tunnel, if you will. Beach sprints are a great way to get your muscles moving, and if you aren't into sprints a jog along the shoreline is a great substitute! Your reward? Floating in the water in your FiT Swimwear ;) 

The swimwear we recommend for this activity: Stacy Two Piece

Stacy Two Piece Swimwear


2. Laps in the pool

For our athletes out there who do this regularly, we salute you. Getting into a cold pool (if it isn't heated) can't always be easy. In saying this though, doing a few laps in the pool can be extremely relaxing. With your focus being on your movements and your breathing for a few minutes or hours (depending on your preference) you'll find it's a great way to clear your mind!

The swimwear we recommend for this activity: Kylie Elite One Piece

Kylie Elite One Piece Swimwear


3. Yoga on the beach

The best part about this? If you don't have a lot of experience with Yoga or even pilates you can find a guide on your smartphone! I've listed a few of my faves below!

- Fitstar Yoga
- Yoga Studio: Mind & Body
-Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube

The swimwear we recommend for this activity: Freestyle Two Piece

 Freestyle Two Piece Swimwear

4. Frisbee

Grab a friend (or your dog), a frisbee, and a sunny day + your FiT swimwear and go play Frisbee by the beach! 

The swimwear we recommend for this activity: Scuba Elite One Piece

Scuba Elite One Piece Swimwear