No Studio? No Problem

No Studio? No Problem

Don't have the time or money to start a new class, buy loads of new equipment or get to a studio? Fear not. All you really need for a great workout is YouTube and some space in your home. Here are our favourite channel's for when you want a great workout with no equipment! 



Cassey's channel is Pilates focussed and is widely recognised as one of the best on YouTube. She features targeted workouts and challenges for all level's and delivers all of them with an infectious positive attitude. We dare you to try and hold a smile along with her in one of her workouts! 



POPSUGAR's channel features a variety of workouts from multiple trainers - including Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Strength training. All of the instructors are easy to follow, and the channel often includes challenges and ongoing plan's to maintain motivation. 




BeFIT's channel often features high profile and celebrity trainers, with a range of workout styles, health tips and tutorials - be warned, it's super easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of video's on this one. The channel specialises in transformations, so the workouts are known to be quite intense.


Jessica Valant Pilates 

Jessica regularly uploads workouts so you'll always have a fresh one to try! She also has video's for Pregnancy and Post-Partum. Most of her video's can be done anywhere with no equipment, although she sometimes uploads video's with household objects to assist, such as chairs.