Shopping For The Best Women's Athletic Swimsuits

Shopping For The Best Women's Athletic Swimsuits

Womens athletic swimwear - how to shop for the best athletic swimsuits

What Is Women's Athletic Swimwear?

Athletic swimwear styles are specifically designed for exercise, and allow you to perform at your best whether you’re training or competing. Athletic swimsuits effectively function like activewear, giving you the best fit and keeping you comfortable while you move. When you run a marathon you need the best fitness clothing, and wearing the right sporty swimsuit is just as important for competitive swimming.

As lovers of water fitness, at FIT SWIMWEAR we want to help you move your best, so we’ve created a range of women’s athletic swimsuits that are specifically designed to enhance your swimming performance.

Whether you’re competing in a swimming race, practicing laps, surfing, doing a triathlon or ocean swimming, wearing athletic swimwear will give you the best ability to perform optimally. Women’s swimming sportswear includes both supportive one-piece swimsuits and two-piece sets.

The best women’s athletic swimwear is specifically developed with a number of features in mind, from the design to the material itself. Here iwhat to look for when you shop athletic swimwearthere are several important factors to consider:

  • Optimal design and shape 
  • Material durability
  • Chlorine resistance 
  • UPF (sun protection) rating 
  • Sustainability of the material 

What Are The Best Designs For Athletic Swimwear? 

shop womens athletic swimsuits online 

The best active swimsuits to buy need to be properly fitting. Athletic swimsuits that are too tight can limit your movement and hinder your swimming technique. On the other handwomen’s swimwear that is too loose can slow you down and decrease your aerodynamics.

In terms of the design itself, shop for athletic swimwear styles that have firm, supportive straps that may crisscross at the back or are narrow enough to allow for shoulder rotation. Cross-back active swimsuits are great as they keep the swimsuit firmly in place as you move through the pool or ocean. You also want the one piece swimsuit or bikini bottoms to have enough coverage to prevent it from riding up uncomfortably. Well-designed, high-quality women’s athletic one piece swimsuits will have you gliding through the water at cracking speed.  

What’s also great is that finding the best bathing suit for being active at the beach or pool doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. Our women’s athletic swimwear brand FIT was created to bring together fashion and fitnessso our styles bring you practical, highly-functional swimsuits with elegant, athleisure inspired designs.

What Is The Best Material For Athletic Swimwear? 

What is the best material for athletic swimsuits

When you buy athletic swimwear online, one of the first things you should do is look for the material the athletic swimsuits are made from. When you need to perform at your best athletically, you need a high-quality, ultra-durable swimsuit fabric for both swimming training and competitive swimming. 

Our FIT SWIMWEAR women’s athletic swimsuits are made from a revolutionary, high-tech Italian fabric blend of ECONYL® regenerated nylon and Xtra Life Lycra®. This high-performance material means our women’s swimwear is: 

  • Chlorine-resistant (it can stand up to chlorine with no signs of damage for up to 240 hours). 
  • Muscle-compressing 
  • Shape retaining and colour retaining 
  • Sun protecting, with UPF 50+ 
  • Resistant to sunscreen 
  • Comfortable, smooth and lightweight

What Is Sustainable Swimwear? 

What Is Sustainable Swimwear - Shop athletic bikinis swimsuits online

Most women’s swimwear is made with virgin polyester or nylon, which adds to plastic usage and pollution. Thankfully though, there are now more sustainable swim fabrics available that allow athletic swimwear to be more eco-friendly. 

ECONYL® is an innovative, high-quality swimwear material made with regenerated nylon from pre and post-consumer products. This incredible eco-friendly swimwear fibre helps to clean up our oceans and earth, by giving new life to waste like ghost fishing nets, fabric scraps and carpets.

We use this sustainable material to make our women’s athletic swimsuits, so you can shop athletic swimwear that helps you perform your best while taking care of the earth. FIT’s range of women’s athletic swimwear is also packaged in plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging made from compostable, plant-based materials. 

Just like our commitment to creating swimwear that’s kind to the earth, we’re also passionate about ensuring our sporty swimsuits are made fairly. Our women’s athletic one piece swimsuits and bikini sets are made ethically in a small, female-run factory, where workers have fair and safe conditions, and living wages.

Why Is Athletic Swimwear So Popular? 

Why Is Athletic Swimwear So Popular

Athletic swimsuits are very versatile and can be worn for a range of different sporty activities. Pool swimming is often the first thing that comes to mind, but women’s athletic swimwear also allows you to move most freely during ocean swimming, surfing, paddle-boarding, triathlon competing or playing beach volleyball.  

Athletic swimwear styles are designed to stay firmly in place while you move, as well as also offering you muscle compression and full freedom of movement. Sporting performance swimwear is specifically aerodynamically designed, helping to reduce friction in the water and increasing your efficiency of movement. Women’s athletic swimsuits also work to reduce chafing caused by ill-fitting suits that rub against your skin as you move.  

Bringing together fashion and fitness, at FIT SWIMWEAR you can shop our range of women’s athletic one piece swimsuits and bikinis that offer figure-flattering designs and unique, hand-illustrated prints. Our popular women’s swimwear styles come in bold, solid colours and chic patterns.

Our Athletic Swimwear Range At FIT SWIMWEAR 

Our women's athletic swimsuit styles at FIT SWIMWEAR

Shop your new favourite women’s athletic swimwear essentials online at FIT SWIMWEAR. We have a range of women’s athletic one piece swimsuits and functional bikinis to suit your swimming and water sports needs.

  • Race Me One Piece Swimsuit: perfect for swimming as it has minimal upper back coverage with its thin T-back straps. The additional strap detailing across the hips makes this swimsuit fashionable and unique.
  • Race Me Bikini: like the Race Me One Piece Swimsuit, this slick and ultra sexy athletic bikini allows for lots of freedom of movement, with its thin straps and minimal back coverage both in the top and pant.
  • Kylie One Piece Swimsuit: great swimsuit for water polo, beach volley ball and activities that involve jumping and bouncing. The thicker shoulder straps and supportive back straps allow for ultra support.
  • Star Struck Bikini: a really good all rounder swimsuit for all water sports and activities. The athletic bikini bottoms feature a hipster style leg and good, supportive coverage. The star struck women's athletic bikini offers a supportive top with removable cups and thin shoulder straps with stylish back detailing.
  • Somersault One Piece Swimsuit: as the name suggests, this women's one piece athletic swimsuit is great for divers. The Somersault swimsuit offers minimal back coverage, allowing for a free range of movement, as well as a high cut leg to sculpt and shape your leg line. This is a truly elegant women's swimsuit.

Shopping For The Right Athletic Swimwear For Your Body

How to choose the best athletic swimwear for your body type

When you buy women’s athletic swimwear online, you want to get the right fit for your body type that helps to optimise your range of motion and get you performing at your best. Whether you’re swimming laps in the pool or in the ocean surfing, we have women’s swimwear styles to suit all your sporting needs. 

For bigger busts, the Kylie women’s athletic one piece swimsuit offers lots of support, with thick back and shoulder straps and a high neckline. The Knockout one piece swimsuit is another great style for larger busts, with its supportive shoulder straps and sexy yet functional front zip. If you love wearing athletic bikini swimsuits, the Stacy bikini is another great swimwear style for larger busts.

One of our most popular athletic swimwear styles is the Freestyle one piece swimsuit, which features thin yet supportive cross-back straps. It's a perfect style for smaller and medium bust sizes.

If you prefer to wear different sized bikini tops and bottoms, you can shop our popular Race Me bikini bottoms and Glide bikini bottoms as separates, just like you can for the Bow Tie Me bikini top.

If you would like help on how to choose the best athletic swimsuit style for your body type, send us an email and we would be glad to help!