Simple Ways To Ditch Plastic This Plastic Free July

Simple Ways To Ditch Plastic This Plastic Free July

Plastic Free Lunch Ideas

Have you heard of Plastic Free July? It's a campaign encouraging us to challenge ourselves to go without single-use plastics for the month.

It can sound a little overwhelming, but there's a lot we can do that's actually very simple!

Whether you want to take the Plastic Free July challenge, or simple want to reduce your single-use plastic in your life, here are some simple plastic-free swaps...

  • Bring your own reusable water bottle and reusable coffee cup
  • Refuse plastic straws. Go without them, or use a bamboo, paper or metal alternative.
  • Bring your own shopping and produce bags to the grocery store, so you can avoid plastic bags.
  • Look for fruit and veggies without plastic packaging. It could be at your local farmer's market, fresh produce store or even at the super market.
  • Nude food lunches: whether you're packing lunch for yourself or for the kids, go for options that are package-free. E.g fruit, veggies, nuts & seeds, homemade sandwiches and salads, leftovers from dinner, homemade baked treats etc. You can store them all in your own reusable containers.
  • Takeout food: if you're getting takeaway, try bringing in your own container. Many places will happily let you do this! Or alternatively, enjoy the food sitting in.
  • Reusable food wraps: ditch the plastic food wrap and go for reusable options instead, such as beeswax or vegan wraps, containers or jars.
  • BYO reusable cutlery: invest in some made from bamboo, or simply wrap a metal pair your already have in a little cotton pouch.
  • Look for plastic-free cosmetics, such as shampoo, conditioner and soap bars.
  • Cleaning products: look for ones in solid form that are packaged in cardboard, fill up liquid ones at bulk produce stores, or even try making your own (natural, plant-based items like bicarb soda, white vinegar, lemon and essential oils [tea tree, lavender, clove etc] can work wonders).

Learn more about Plastic Free July here.
What are your tips for reducing single-use plastic? Let us know in the comments below, or on Instagram.

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