The 6 Best Sporty Bikinis For Keeping Active In The Water

The 6 Best Sporty Bikinis For Keeping Active In The Water

When you’re working out in the water – be it swimming, surfing, running or however you love exercising – there’s nothing worse than a swimsuit that won’t stay in place. A sporty bikini from our athletic swimwear brand Fit Aesthetica has you covered to help you perform your best, whilst still looking cute and stylish. 

Fashion Meets Function With These Women's Athletic Bikini Tops and Bikini Bottoms 

1. Bow Tie Me Athletic Bikini

Price: AUD $115

The Bow Tie Me athletic bikini set features a bikini top with elegant and functional tie back straps, that keep you supported whilst exercising and allow you to customise the swimsuit to your best fit. The bikini bottoms sit firmly on your hips, to keep them in place while you’re swimming, surfing, running or diving.

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2. Crossfit Athletic Bikini

Price: AUD $119

With a racer back bikini top design, the Crossfit sporty bikini stays firmly in place as you move through water. Its matching bikini bottoms offer a low-rise cut in a classic hipster style shape.

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3. Freestyle Athletic Bikini

Price: AUD $119

With thin, double shoulder straps that cross over at the back, the Freestyle athletic bikini allows you to move freely and comfortably through your upper body whilst exercising. This sporty swimsuit is therefore ideal for swimming laps or ocean swimming.

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4. Race Me Athletic Bikini 

Price: AUD $119

Like all of our athletic swimwear, the Race Me sporty bikini is made from chlorine resistant fabric, making it ultra-durable and perfect for competitive swimming. The bikini top features thin straps and minimal coverage across the back, so there’s nothing holding you back from racing through the water. This athletic swimsuit’s bikini bottoms offer a firm fit, that are designed to stay on when diving into a pool or pushing off against a wall. 

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5. Stacy Athletic Bikini

Price: AUD $129

This athletic bikini is fantastic for larger busts, with its wide, supportive shoulder straps and functional front zip on the bikini top. With a crop top design, the Stacy sporty two piece swimsuit is great for surfing and playing beach volleyball, as well as of course for swimming in the ocean or pool.

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6. Star Struck Athletic Bikini

Price: AUD $129

Whether you’re swimming laps in the sea, playing sport on the beach or going for a run, the Star Struck athletic bikini has your active swimwear needs covered. This sporty swimsuit has a crop top style top, and classic bikini brief bottoms that sit firmly on your waist. For extra practicality and functionality, both the bikini top and bikini bottoms can be tightened by their internal tie chords.

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