Take a walk through our garden and be tempted. 

From light and airy afternoons in the greenhouse, to moody nights in the dark jungle, this collection showcases the lavish, and rich textures and atmosphere of Mother Nature, in all her glory. 

The hand-illustrated designs boast irresistible colours, and alluring contrasts.

But, the designs aren’t the only enticing part of our Garden Glory collection. We also have some truly unique cuts; from traditional one piece swimsuits, and bikinis, to more unusual endeavours, like our long sleeve, zip front one piece swimsuits, and halter necks. 

Give in to temptation and step into a new skin. Wrap yourself in a blossoming garden and stand above the rest, in our luscious swimwear, that will give you the style edge, and athletic edge you’ve been looking for.

Photographer: Catie Allen 
Model: Olia Burtaev 
Makeup Artist: Gemma Elaine 

Peony Candy Kylie Elite One Piece Peony Candy Freestyle Two Piece

Peony Candy Somersault One Piece

Peony Candy Freestyle Two Piece 

Barbie Bird Race Me Two Piece and Eliza One Piece

Barbie Bird Eliza One Piece

Barbie Bird Race Me One Piece and Rashie

Daffodil passionfruit Wave rider one piece

Daffodil passionfruit wave rider one piece and open water one piece


Star Struck Two Piece Crisp Mint

Crisp Mint Freestyle One Piece

Kylie Elite One Piece Blue Paradise

Kylie Elite One Piece Blue Paradise